Do you know where the name “Mater & Filii” comes from?

Mater & Filii, it is at first a story of lineage, of transmission, but it is also a beautiful human adventure.

I spent my childhood in the farm of La Charmoise (not far from DORMANS) and was happy to discover and to make discover all the inhabitants, all the hiding places and thus all the beauty, to my about ten cousins during the weekends or school holidays. A few years later, my parents separated. My mother left the farm to take care of a part her parents’ vineyards and face this new situation. Once I had graduated in letters and then in business law, I had a career rich in discoveries and meetings in several banking institutions. But I needed something more concrete. I had missed this precious and regenerating contact with the earth and its fruits.  I needed to reconnect with my roots and to feel useful. As my mother was about to retire, I gradually took over the family vineyard, under her demanding but always friendly eye, and I decided to go a little farther in the adventure, by creating a brand of champagne.

Rather than taking the easy option by adding my surname to the word “champagne” – a simplistic choice as it doesn’t say much about all the team working on the creation of the divine nectar – I wanted to find a name expressing at the same time the transmission of a knowledge, an experience, a passion and the love and kindness of the one who knows and who will always accompany her offspring …

This is how the name Mater & Filii was born.

Mater for the mother, for the one who knows, for the nourishing Earth (Terra Mater).

Filii for the son, for the one who learns and for the grapes, the wine, the fruits of the nourishing Earth.

And the logo then?

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