Hermetic cap

Hermetic cap

Intended to prevent bubbles from escaping from the bottle of champagne once it has been opened, this stopper, which is both aesthetic and functional at the same time, is an indispensable complementary object.

Very easy to use, this hermetic stopper is highly appreciated by restaurateurs for its ease of use.

And thanks to its sleek black design, it will fit perfectly with the cap of your open Mater & Filii bottles, whatever they may be.



Dimensions: Ø 3 x 4 cm high.
Material(s): Cap in food-grade plastic (TPE) / Fixing Lever in stainless steel.
Colour(s): Black / Yellow Mater & Filii / Fixing Lever in silver colour.
Packing: Shipped in a cloth bag, inserted in a cardboard box

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg





Discreet, Balanced, Fine bubbles, Finesse, Fruity, Gourmand, Powerful, Surprising

Mets et moments

Apéritif, Autumn, Brunch, With friends, Summer, Winter, Wedding, ceremony, Spring, Party, dance party, All the meal

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