Wooden box 1 bottle

Wooden box 1 bottle

The wooden box Mater & Filii will constitute a splendid casket for your gifts or thanks.

A natural and traditional wooden box with a pure design, embellished with the iconic Mater & Filii’s DNA, with a solid and elegant hemp handle.

Composed of a champagne bottle of Blanc de blancs cuvée, ambassador of the charms of Chardonnay. This cuvée seduces with its pale yellow dress and its fine bubbles.

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Contain: 1 champagne bottle of Blanc de blancs cuvée.
System: Manual sliding opening.
Dimensions: 10.5 D x 11 W x 35 H cm.
Material(s): Box in raw wood (pine) / Handle in hemp.
Packing: Cardboard.

Additional information

Weight 2.27 kg

Box of 1 bottle


Accessories, Limited editions


Fine bubbles, Finesse

Mets et moments

Apéritif, Seafood, Fresh fruit, Fish, Party, dance party, Poultry

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