Engraved champagne flute

Engraved champagne flute

With their elegant design, these Mater & Filii champagne flutes are ideal for any occasion, whether for tasting, accompanying a meal or for special occasions.

The laser-engraved design features the Mater & Filii logo and is wash-resistant.

The width of the balloon allows a good oxygenation of your champagne and to observe all its chromatic nuances.



Dimensions: Ø 5 x 19 cm high.
Material(s): Glass.
Colour(s): Transparent.
Packing: Sold in packs of 6 inseparable, shipped side by side in a foam case.

Additional information

Weight 0.86 kg

Packs of 6 flutes




Discreet, Balanced, Fine bubbles, Finesse, Fruity, Gourmand, Powerful, Surprising

Mets et moments

Apéritif, Autumn, Brunch, With friends, Summer, Winter, Wedding, ceremony, Spring, Party, dance party, All the meal

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