Introducing the House Mater & Filii

The Mater & Filli House is a family structure. We own the vineyards, located in TROISSY and DORMANS.

Located on the soils of TROISSY and DORMANS, in the Valley of the Marne, the vineyards Mater & Filii are divided into a dozen plots of land, mainly Meunier grape variety.

The oldest vineyard is 48-year-old and the youngest is 9 years old. A northern wine-making zone, the Valley of the Marne possesses nevertheless, thanks to the Marne and to the western oceanic influences, a climate said ” oceanic degraded ” and the precipitations are moderated (between 550 and 700 mm a year).

The subsoils of the Valley of the Marne – composed of a pile of sands, clays and resistant rocks, based on the geological formations of the Cretaceous – are covered with white chalk which insures a very good drainage of the grounds, maintains a sufficient humidity and also stores the heat of the sun during the day to restore it at night and allows a better maturation of the grapes.

Finally, the front of the cuesta of the Ile-de-France Coast, drilled by the Marne river, presents important diffferences in level (70 – 150 m) and strong slopes (until 40 °) giving a better sun exposure, an increase of the solar energy on the ground and allows cold air to go down the slopes.