A human adventure

At first, the Mater & Filii champagne is certainly a story of lineage and transmission, but it is also a beautiful human adventure.

I spent my childhood in the farm of La Charmoise, near BELVAL SOUS CHÂTILLON (not far from DORMANS) and was happy to discover it and to show my ten cousins the inhabitants, all the places to hide and thus all the beauty, during the weekends or school holidays. A few years later, my parents divorced. My mother left the farm and to face this new situation, became a new wine grower by taking over a parcel of her parents’ vineyards. After my high school diploma, I studied law in REIMS and NANCY, and obtained the DJCE (Business Law Counsellor Diploma). I had a career rich in discoveries and in meetings, in several banking institutions. But I needed to work with concrete things. I missed this precious and regenerating contact with the earth and its fruits. I needed – as so many others did before me – to reconnect with my roots, to feel useful. As my mother was about to retire, I gradually took over the family wine-making business, under her demanding but always friendly eye. Why don’t you join me on the road ?

Jérôme Dhuicq

Our cellar masters - œnologists

Florence Machet

Coming from a family of wine growers, Florence obtained her high school diploma – as the two Jérôme – at the Léon Bourgeois high school, in EPERNAY. She began her oenological training in the House Moët and Chandon. She then continued to develop her expertise within the House REGNARD, where she was particularly able to discover other know-hows and other enthusiastic wine growers. Thanks to all these meetings and these sharings, Florence became a master in her art.

Jérôme Corbon

Coming from a family of wine growers settled in AVIZE (in Champagne), Jérôme is a local boy and a longtime friend, since both Jérôme have met each other a few years ago… in the Léon Bourgeois high school in EPERNAY. Thanks to all the meetings he made during his oenologist career in the House Veuve Cliquot, Jérôme reached the top of his art and became, in 2004, the head  of the wine-producing company of Troissy, an unanimously recognized structure in the region of Champagne for its know-how, its modernity and its demands.

Instants Mater & Filii