A human adventure

At first, the Mater & Filii champagne is certainly a story of lineage and transmission, but it is also a beautiful human adventure.

From a mother to her son

MATER & FILII is the story of the transmission of a mother to her son. The story of a family heritage, of course, but also and above all the story of a know-how, a passion and a state of mind. A human adventure of which my mother is the heroine and to which I wanted to pay tribute through a brand name rich in meaning.

After 25 years in the banking sector, I chose to leave my activity to write the next page of the family history.

With a nod to my literary studies and my maternal heritage, “MATER & FILII” is the signature I adopted when I took over the business. The modernity and tradition of the House are reflected in its logo, which models a DNA sequence. The vine leaf, symbolising the mother or the nourishing earth, is thus linked to the bunch, i.e. the fruit, also the son.

Why don’t you join me on the road ?

Jérôme Dhuicq

Our cellar masters - œnologists

Adrien Millot

Coming from Champagne, Adrien decided, at nearly 30 years of age, to change careers and went back to school to study viticulture/oenology. After obtaining his Advanced Technician’s Certificate in a work-study programme at the CFPPA in Avize, he worked as a vat-maker/laboratory assistant at COGEVI (Champagne COLLET) before joining the Mater & Filii adventure.

Adrien and Jérôme are now the guardians of MATER & FILII champagnes. They have the heavy – but magnificent – task of ensuring perfect continuity in the quality and taste of your champagnes. The heavy – but magnificent – task … of transmitting the DNA of MATER & FILII champagne.

Jérôme Corbon

Coming from a family of wine growers settled in AVIZE (in Champagne), Jérôme is a local boy and a longtime friend, since both Jérôme have met each other a few years ago… in the Léon Bourgeois high school in EPERNAY. Thanks to all the meetings he made during his oenologist career in the House Veuve Cliquot, Jérôme reached the top of his art and became, in 2004, the head  of the wine-producing company of Troissy, an unanimously recognized structure in the region of Champagne for its know-how, its modernity and its demands.

Instants Mater & Filii