Champagne and Seasons

Champagne is definitely a festive beverage that goes well with different moments in life, as well as with the seasons.

Spring, summer, autumn or winter … doesn’t matter when, there will always be a Mater & Filii vintage to satisfy you.

When spring and sunny days are finally back (or should be), it is time for some renewal and frivolity. Pre-dinners drinks on a terrace under an arbor are back, just like outside lunches and dinners. It is the perfect season for some light sharp and fresh champagne as the cuvée “Blanc de blancs”, the cuvée “Crescendo” or the cuvee “Tradition”.

In summer, the freshness of yellow, white and red fruits offers a broad range of saps and echoes the freshest, roundest and fleshiest Mater & Filii champagnes as the cuvée “Blanc de blancs” or the cuvée “Crescendo”. If the quality of the fruits and their features definitely matter, the method of preparation and their association with other sapid food are also determining.

The cuvée “Blanc de noirs” is composed of 100% of Pinot noir and has a wide, rich and structured texture. It reveals the powerful different aromas of the fruits, of spices, mocha, wood, leather, smoked and even roasted. It is thus the perfect champagne in autumn that you can enjoy with a meal taken in the course of a hunt, or during a lunch on a Sunday in the countryside with some cooked meat, some game and poultry, some mushrooms… The powerful and fleshy cuvée “Dégustation” with a predominance of Pinot noir goes well with delicious flesh and soft textures.

Winter evokes snow, log fires and the Christmas and New Year holidays. It is also the season of strongly, and sometimes salty flavored seafood that reminds us of seaweed, or rather finely, softly and sensually flavored ones. Generally speaking, Mater & Filii recommends you some elegant, mineral wines with the predominance of Chardonnay as the cuvée “Crescendo” or the cuvée “Blanc de blancs” to serve with a seafood platter or some fish. Or you could opt for some champagne that has character with a woody taste such as the cuvée “Fût de chêne”.

You can find more information this topic in the section “The combinations” of this website.

Thank you to Jean-Marc DUFRAISSE for his precious help in writing this article.

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