2018 White dinner in Paris

2018 White dinner  in Paris: the date was known but the place was still secret!

The famous ” Dinner in white ” took place again in Paris in 2018!

This new edition (and what edition, the 30th!) took place on 06/3 , in “l’esplanade des Invalides”.

In June, 2017, some 8000 ” dinner guests in white ” met in front of the City hall of Paris! We were 17000 that time!

Been imperative dress code (every white, dressed up 17th, 18th, 19th century or very elegant, or very original, but always of good taste. Compulsory white hat for Ladies, white gloves, white flower on hat or blouse. White flower in the buttonhole appreciated for the men) and key word of this beautiful evening: the elegance.

An obvious fact shared by champagnes Mater & Filii.

And, of course, you tasted the cuvée Mater & Filii … Blanc de blancs, …if you were at our table 


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