The Verdict of Paris

The Verdict of Paris

The dosage is the last human intervention in the long process of champagne making.

Once the temporary capsule of the bottle has been definitively replaced by the cap and its muzzle, only time can still intervene to evolve the wine.

The dosage consists in adding, at the time of disgorging, a small amount of liquid sugar (often composed of cane sugar dissolved in wine at the rate of 500 to 750 g/l) and reserve wines.

The amount of dosage liquor used, also known as “shipping liquor”, depends on the type of champagne the House wishes to obtain.

As you know, the cuvées « Blanc de blancs », « Crescendo » and « Blanc de noirs » of the Mater & Filii House were until then offered to you only in brut dosage (between 7 and 9 g of sugar per litre).

I had been thinking for some time about trying a lower dosage but I didn’t see myself deciding alone, without the advice of the lovers of my champagnes.

When some suggested this evolution, I then prepared the 3 cuvées in brut and extra-brut dosage.

It remains now to validate this choice and it will be… the Verdict of Paris.

On November 29, 2019, at 19, in order to decide whether this new dosage can be promised to a good future, were gathered in a private committee, with my friends Thierry and Nicole, at the Select Monceau, in Paris, 7 references in terms of wines: Dalkia, Dominique, Nicolas, Carome, Jean-Claude, Thierry and your servant.

To follow.

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