Our commitments on the vineyard

Every day, we are working to progress towards sustainable winegrowing with deep humility and to fulfill all the points listed in the reference framework by the wine-growing industry.

This process of sustainable vine-growing is inspired by the wheel of progress and can be summed up in 4 letters : PDCA for Plan, Do, Check and Act: plan (the evolution of the sector), do, check (that you did well what you had planned) and approve (the progress you’ve made) before starting another session.

This system is frequently used in the industry, and more generally during any quality procedure. The reference framework contains 125 measures involving all wine-making practices and the organization of the vineyards.

Arrangement and establishment of the vineyard

Nutrition of the ground and the vineyard

Maintenance of the grounds

Led of the vineyard

Protection reasoned by the vineyard

Implementation of protection products

Waste management

The House Mater & Filii asked to be accompanied by specialists of the implementation of this reference framework. Having noticed that about 78 % of the 125 requirmeents were satisfied, we scheduled our own plan of progress over the next years.